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On Lotus Blossom Days, released July, 2022: 


“Vicki Burns, the delightful jazz singer-and songwriter to boot-boasts perfect diction, a warm toned voice and improvisational agility.”
Kevin Lowenthal, The Boston Globe September, 2023

“Burns has a warm and confident vocal sound and she interprets lyrics with understanding. Intimate on ballads, she imbues bouncier songs with controlled energy. Much to admire and enjoy here by a jazz singer who deserves to be much better known.”  Bruce Crowther,  Jazz Journal UK,  June 2023


“Burns comes out swinging and realizing a knockout punch.”  C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz


“Happy days are here again for jazz aficionados, thanks to "Lotus Blossom Days," the warm and winning new album by Vicki Burns. Her vocals, subtle, sophisticated and appealing, achieve a rare level of intimacy and relatability. Her tone is engaging; her phrasing inventive, yet natural. With the first notes she sings, Burns will have you hooked and when you've reached the end of these delicious dozen tunes, you'll still be craving more.” 

 Paul Freeman, Pop Culture Classics


“A consistently interesting program delivered with rhythmic acuity and abundant imagination… it’s her hat tips to fellow singers—like Tessa Souter’s alluring “You Don’t Have to Believe” and Carol Sloane and Roger Schore’s lyrics for Billy Strayhorn’s exquisite title track—that shine brightest. Burns’ work stands on its own, but she’s keeping some fine company.” Andrew Gilbert,  JazzTimes


"Vicki's voice on Lotus Blossom Days is warm and round, sophisticated and optimistic with shades of blue.  She also takes terrific risks that pay off... " Marc Myers, Jazz Wax



“Brilliant vocals by Vicki… she can cast a love spell and she is, after all, quite the siren herself. An amazing range and you can hear the joy, the melancholy, the rapture, the devastation and all are equally convincing. Perhaps that is the final word on such a great talent as Vicki Burns, she is convincing.” Travis Rogers, Jr., The Jazz Owl


“Burns clearly put her heart and soul into Lotus Blossom Days... this is the jazz nightclub experience without the cover charge, but some may want to pour a glass of fine bourbon and enjoy it along with the music and the mood which Burns successfully recreates.” Jeff Winbush, All About Jazz


Neon Jazz podcast with Joe Dimino


“There are literally tons of memorable and powerful moments on Lotus Blossom Days... Burns’ transcendent swirling scat passages dart and romp in a blissful, wild back and forth conversation with pianist Art Hirahara’s snazzy piano solos" Jonathan Widran, JW Vibe  

“She has a great voice and infectious swing, and a whole lot of chops. And a future.” Richard Salvucci, All About Jazz 


“An album from a very good jazz songstress who is accompanied by instrumentalists who are well on the money. Vicki Burns deserves better than the title of songstress. This lady has a pleasing wide-ranging voice, crystal clear diction, and she knows how to sing as if she means it.” Ann Alex, Bebop Spoken Here


“A classic thrush vibe while not being tethered to the classic songbook, this album is a complete show... A right on bet for the jazz vocal fan.” Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“A masterful collection that grabs your attention and never lets it go.” Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz




On Siren Song, released 2003: 


Singer VICKI BURNS is next from her new release, SIREN SONG …(A) Bay area singer of jazz interpretation, Burns will blow your mind. A young Carol Sloane? I’ll try not to get to far out in hyper never land, but this lady has got it and it’s all on this CD. A June Christy like thrill… Sometimes the small labels create great music and VICKI BURNS is one to be reckoned with... Would a Helen Merrill comparsion apply here? “Bop’N” Dick Crockett “The Voice” 88.7 fm Sacramento, CA. 

“Avoiding the predictability of safe havens, her music brims with many more surprises and uncharted delights in the jazz tradition. Vicki Burns is irresistible.”  Dr Herb Wong, Bay Area Producer and reviewer, Jazz Education Journal, Nov./Dec. 2003 



"Vicki Burns is poised to break out to wider recognition as the next decade begins. She lives up to her surname; she burns the mutha out."” - Jeff Winbush

All About Jazz

"Vicki Burns is a knockout with her beautiful vocals, and phrasing."” - Lee Prosser

"Vicki Burns does indeed 'burn' on this recording. The stars were aligned just right when she was blessed with a singing voice that was made for the jazz idiom".” - John Gilbert


"Burns has a smooth full bodied voice with a nice silky finish, her swing goes down smooth...Vicki Burns is indeed the real deal."” - Brent Black


Writing about the 2011 Vocal Jazz Festival at the Iridium Jazz Club: "Among the fabulous females is one of the most coolly competent -- or just plain cool --- jazz singers I have heard so far this year: Vicki Burns, from the West Coast. She has a clean sound and a great technique that’s pretty dazzling.” - Rob Lester


San Jose Mercury News Andrew Gilbert